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The tournament dates for 2014 are April 10-13.  Entries must be turned in by Wed. evening, April 9th.


This year's pool entry form has been posted.  See the link below.

I will attempt to post here the names of any newly added golfers should that happen after the entry forms have been distributed. Check back here or go to the official Masters Tournament web site at Masters.Com.

Invitee Info Updates.

**  Stephen Gallacher (Scotland) has been added to the Masters based upon his World Golf ranking as of last week. His number will be #97 if you wish to choose him.

** !!!  Tiger Woods will NOT be playing due to back surgery he had done over the weekend.

**  Monday 4/7/14 9:00am:  Matt Jones will be playing in his first Masters after winning a playoff in Sunday's finale of the Shell Houston Open. He will be #98 should you wish to choose him.

According to the official Masters website there will be NO more additions to the roster of golfers.

Note: This year there will be additional prizes awarded, based upon the number of pool entries.  Up to 175 entries will still pay only 3 places; every additional 25 entries will add an additional prize, up to 7 for 250+ entries.  (In 2013 there were 235 entries.)

Entries in the Pool

Entries: 220         Click here to see them

Popularity of picks from A,B & C Groups

These are ALL of the entries that are in - unless I find some stragglers in a pocket somewhere. With 220 players, we will have 5 prizes this year.

Please use the above link to check YOUR entries to make sure that I have entered them correctly.  Data entry errors can occur, as well as mis-reading of the numbers you wrote down.  If you have a wrong player name listed for your picks, I may have just read (or typed in) the wrong number, so send me an email and I'll check your sheet and make any necessary correction.  The name written on the sheet is the final arbiter of your picks, so if I entered the wrong number, don't worry.

All entries in the pool will be posted above.  If you cannot find your name listed, be creative and try and think like I have to when I am trying to read the writing on some of these slips.  I hope you are better golf prognosticators than writers!

If you really don't think you are listed, email me with the name you think you tried to write down and I'll search for it.

PS - If you note that your roster of golfers is different than what you submitted, check your own copy carefully.  Many people make mistakes in their selections and submit more than one player from Groups A, B or C.  In those cases I choose a player from the "Field" to replace the error.  Accuracy counts!


Note - if you see an error in my data entry of any golfer's score, please send me an email and I will fix the results.

Click here for Results after Round 1
Click here for Alphabetical List of Rankings after Round 1

Click here for Results after Round 2
Click here for Alphabetical List of Rankings after Round 2

Click here for Results after Round 3
Click here for Alphabetical List of Rankings after Round 3

Click here for the Final Standings
Click here for Final Alphabetical List of Rankings

Pool Prize Fund

We have 220 entrants so that means a prize pool of $1100.

Payouts will be as follows:

Winner45% $495
2nd place25% $275
3rd place15% $165
4th place10% $110
5th place5% $55

This Year's Winners

An incredible finish this year. Five prizes and only 5 entrants in the running - lucky coincidence for me!

First Place: $495 Donald Lambert - CCT/SUCF (-2)
Second Place: $275 $ully #3 - 1493 (+0)
Third Place: $165 Mike Vecchio #2 -1493 (+7)
Fourth Place: $110 Donna B 2 - T&F (+12)
Fifth Place: $55 Burgoon #2 -VFD (+19)

Note to Prize Winners
I will withhold payment until Tuesday morning to allow time for any possible "miscalculations" to be uncovered.
Anyone who believes that I have made a mistake that could affect the first 5 places should bring it to my attention immediately.
Please contact me via email.

Congratulations to the winners.

Explanation of the Rules.

Your best 10 players' scores determine your score.  Obviously, the better your players' scores, the better your chances of winning will be.  If a player fails to make the cut (after the 2nd round), he will be assigned a score of 99.  This will cause your cumulative score to climb if you have a "cut" player as one of your best 10 players.


In the event that multiple entries have a tie score at the end, the prizes will be awarded by counting how many of the top 10 tournament finishers each entry has picked.  If that still does not eliminate the tie, then we will continue to compare each entry, counting the number of top finishers.

Example:  If two sheets have 5 golfers who finished in the top 10*, then whichever sheet has the 11th* place golfer will be the 'winner' of that prize.  If nobody has the 11th* place finisher (or they both do!), then I will check for the 12th* place golfer, and so on.   In the event of a tie, the winner of the tiebreaker takes the prize for which the tie occurred, while the loser will win the next lower prize (unless the tie was for the last place already).

* - With the potential for many golfers to finish 'tied' for a position, for the purposes of this pool, golfers will be ranked within a 'finish' in the order of their scores for the 4th round, then 3rd round and so on.

Past Winners (that I can recall)

I have added this listing of all previous pool winners - at least those
that I know of.  If you know of any previous prize winners, feel free
to email me with their names.

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place4th Place5th Place
2014Donald Lambert (CCT/SUCF)$ully #3 (1493)Mike Vecchio #2 (1493)Donna B 2 (T&F)Burgoon #2 (VFD)
2013Rob Sergovich (SUNY)Andy Lenhardt (T&F)$witz #3 (1493)
2012Paul Caruso (VFD)Chris Hogan (T&F)Mike Groff (T&F)
2011K. Raff 2 (T&F)John Murphy 2 (T&F)Switz (1493)
2010Donna B. #2 (T&F) Steve IV Boston (CCT)Will Horton (ST)
2009Pat Reilly (CC)M. Guiliano (AC)John McElligott (CCT)
2008Smooth #2 (ST)Andy B. (SUCF)Vince Pennisi (CCT)
2005Paul Caruso????
2004Pete SennettScott Grabicki #3J. McClelland

If you need to contact me click here to send me an email.